Covenant Fellowship Church Media Libraries
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We are a group of people who love to capture special moments through the art of photography. We are specially trained and commissioned to handle cataloging our church history through photos. We cover a variety of different church events throughout the year with photo coverage from Mini O’s to Revival to V-Show and more. Our vision is to capture moments through which people can look back at remember all the blessings and God’s faithfulness over the years. We also help each other improve our craft as photographers through workshops, training, and networking. Owning a DSLR is the only requirement!

Contributing Photographers:
Dan Lee
Joel Song
Melanie Shin
Min Soo Choi
Travis Mui
Kevin Law
Hansel Chong
Joshua Chung
Naomi Chan
Jedidiah Kim
Joe Kim
Andrew Oh
James Jia
James Lim
Andy Jeong
Emilee Noh
Ella Pek
Michael Wu
Suge Lim

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